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Jamie H. J. Guan graduated from the Beijing Institute for Performing Arts and performed with Peking Opera Troupe No.1 for 15 years specializing in martial arts roles.  He made his Broadway debut as actor and choreographer in the Tony award winning M. Butterfly and has performed and choreographed nationally and internationally in theater, film and television.


Broadway Production
"The King and I" Opening Night

Kung Fu Opening Night

The Amazing Monkey King Opening Night

Brazil Day Event

5 Star NBA Event

Blush Music Video Choreography Pictures

5 Star Diamond Award Megu

Blush Warrior Music Video is Here!

Jamie's Choreography in new Blush Music Video


My Show Kids' from China Broadway Musical Workshops New York Trip 2008, sponsored and arranged by Nederlander Worldwide Productions Host by Jamie Guan

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Flower Drum Song

Mr. Guan is the Chinese Opera Consultant
and is responsible for Warrior Dance Staging
in the current production of Flower Drum Song,
directed and choreographed by Robert Longbottom
at the Virginia Theater.
Photographs from Opening Night

Second Generation Concert of Excellence at Carnegie Hall
View photographs of the post-concert gala

73rd Annual Academy Awards
Oscar Night March 25, 2001: Assisting Debbie Allen,
Mr. Guan casts and choreographs a live, globally-televised
Chinese martial-arts dance performance celebrating the film
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

First tour of the U.S. & Canada in 20 years
Beijing Opera Theatre Troupe
Jamie H. J. Guan, Producer

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